Lachie’s 4th Birthday

My son Lachlan was 4 on Tuesday and after a month or two of ignoring his requests for a green dragon cake, I bit the bullet and gave it a go.  Not too bad of an effort 🙂  I placed the 4 candles around the dragons smile.

and a cake for day care 🙂


Sorry I have been slack

I know that I have not blogged much this year, so far the year has been pretty busy.  I have made a couple of things lately that I thought that I would share, yet another Library bag.  I really love the bright pink and blue together 🙂 I might have to use it again 🙂   Rach has a new parir of overalls which are huge on her, they may fit next year 🙂

Next one the list of things to do is bridesmaids dresses, please scream with me!  So there may have to be preogress photos with those as I will be taking my time 🙂  Oh and I almost forgot, not sure how but I finally found the bunny cookie cutter that I have been looking for so I am super excited and looking forward to making bunny cookies for Easter like the Raindeer cookies from Christmas 🙂  Fingers crossed they look something like the vison in my head LOL