A Little Big Girl Room

About a month ago I purchased a toddler bed for Rach, she did not cope very well with its presence at the start.  Even trying to push the bed out of the room 😦  Well time has pasted and she is now enjoying her big bed and the story’s at night time.  Today I pulled the cot apart and now she has her Little Big Girl room 🙂 but then 😦 she is a big girl.

And of course some photos, I did not take any photos of the wardrobe.


Dresses for Grandma

Yes I know that it has been a while, sorry I forgot to take a photo of the last project 😦 it was a very cute library bag.  Anyway nothing too creative has bee happening here I am in the middle of making some new house frocks for my grand mother.  Once they are out of the way I think that it might be time to start getting some things made for winter.  And I know that every one loves photos so here is one of the Granny frocks 😀