The first time.

In light of recent life changes I thought that I would try this Blogging stuff, it shall be an interesting learning curve and a good way to keep distant family and friends updated on daily life.

Life is pretty good, we have two sick Little people with throat infections and fevers.  Lachie is bouncing back faster than Rach, she still has  a very flemmy cough.  Both are very happy and you would not even know that they are feeling off.  

Lachie’s favorite movie this week is Madagascar, the down side is that he now likes spraying water and other yucky things out of his mouth.  It is very cute watching him giggle at the movie 🙂 Andrew and I have lost count of the number of time that we have watched it.  Cars the movie was on TV the other night and he seem to take a liking to it as well however when a tractor was tipped it seemed to upset him a little.

Rachael has had her first bounce in the jolly jumper over the weekend and was loving it.  She seems to be a lot like Lachie very much a sticky beak and very lively.  

🙂  Kirst


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