The end of year.

It is that time where we wonder where the year has gone a worry about all of the things ahead of us in December.  I have stated my December by making Thank you presents for Lachie’s teacher and teachers aid, next is Christmas clothes for my little people ……. well after I clean the house.

The message around the top reads “Thank you for helping me grow. Lachie Little 2010” .   I gave them a blue sky  some grass and flowers along with Lachie’s hand prints for clouds.


it has been a while……

humm I am really not sure what I have done in the past six months?  Thats right bridesmaids dresses, well strangely enough I have not done to much since then.  I have a few larger projects in the works at the moment but until then I thought that I would share with you a couple of  things that I have made 🙂

Some flowers made from patty papers that I made with my little people.

making sure that I take time to smell the flowers with my little people 🙂

Changing a old favorite.

jam drops with a twist

yes yet another bag

Lachie’s 4th Birthday

My son Lachlan was 4 on Tuesday and after a month or two of ignoring his requests for a green dragon cake, I bit the bullet and gave it a go.  Not too bad of an effort 🙂  I placed the 4 candles around the dragons smile.

and a cake for day care 🙂

Sorry I have been slack

I know that I have not blogged much this year, so far the year has been pretty busy.  I have made a couple of things lately that I thought that I would share, yet another Library bag.  I really love the bright pink and blue together 🙂 I might have to use it again 🙂   Rach has a new parir of overalls which are huge on her, they may fit next year 🙂

Next one the list of things to do is bridesmaids dresses, please scream with me!  So there may have to be preogress photos with those as I will be taking my time 🙂  Oh and I almost forgot, not sure how but I finally found the bunny cookie cutter that I have been looking for so I am super excited and looking forward to making bunny cookies for Easter like the Raindeer cookies from Christmas 🙂  Fingers crossed they look something like the vison in my head LOL

A Little Big Girl Room

About a month ago I purchased a toddler bed for Rach, she did not cope very well with its presence at the start.  Even trying to push the bed out of the room 😦  Well time has pasted and she is now enjoying her big bed and the story’s at night time.  Today I pulled the cot apart and now she has her Little Big Girl room 🙂 but then 😦 she is a big girl.

And of course some photos, I did not take any photos of the wardrobe.

Dresses for Grandma

Yes I know that it has been a while, sorry I forgot to take a photo of the last project 😦 it was a very cute library bag.  Anyway nothing too creative has bee happening here I am in the middle of making some new house frocks for my grand mother.  Once they are out of the way I think that it might be time to start getting some things made for winter.  And I know that every one loves photos so here is one of the Granny frocks 😀

A new year

Well sorry to say nothing flash to start off the new year I sat down at my sewing machine for the first time in a few weeks.  We are going to a 4th birthday party on Sat so I have made a library bag for him and inside is a sticker book 🙂

and of course the inside 🙂 I really love this print fabric 🙂

we have another birthday party the following week so I guess I have another bag to make 😀

Making Raindeer

🙂 for those who wanted to know, they are upside down ginger bread men, I am not a fan of ginger bread so I used the stained glass cookie recipe the eye whites are white chocolate the nose is a jaffa that is held in place with a blob of chocolate underneath and the antler are just piped chocolate. Just use a zip lock bag to pipe the chocolate.

and a photo to show that they are upside down men 😀

Reindeer cookies

I saw this great idea on facebook 🙂 for Christmas cookies, I am not a big fan of ginger bread so I used a stain glass biscuit recipe instead.  THe little people and I are off to play groups Christmas Party tomorrow and we have to take a plate of Xmas themed food 🙂  I think that it is the first time ever we have been ready to go the night before normally it is a mad dash to make some thing that morning, anyway here is our plate of cookies ready to go.

😀 I just noticed the crossed eyed one at the front 🙂

Family photo’s

My Photographer of choice Rachel Richter 🙂 is having a Christmas give away , check it out as it is a great prize 🙂 Her work is wonderful and very natural.

We had family photos taken a couple of weeks ago so I thought that I would share a sneak peak with you all 🙂 from Rachel’s blog

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